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Should I have a videographer at my wedding?

Should I have a wedding videographer at my wedding? This is a question many if not most couples will ask themselves at some point during their wedding planning journey. 

Now I am fully aware that a wedding videographer isn’t on the top of most newly engaged couples lists. And of course it really does help if the first thing that is booked is a venue to actually get married. At least then a date for the special day can be established. But once that is in place the rest of the wedding suppliers can be added to the ‘Things to book’ list. 

A photographer will likely sit very high on that list. Although I personally don’t photograph weddings, I do fully appreciate why for most engaged couples a professional photographer whose style they like and can relate to ranks very high on the list. I can only recall a few times when a bride or groom enquiring with me to film their wedding has mentioned they are yet to have booked a wedding photographer. 

But then once the photographer is booked many feel the process of capturing the day is sorted. Box ticked so to speak. There will be some who know the importance of a wedding video from day one. “Oh I knew I wanted a wedding video before he even asked me to marry him” one bride told me when we had our pre wedding day meet up to discuss their plans over a cup of coffee and slice of cake.

But then there are those who leave any thought of a wedding videographer right up until after the wedding favours have been purchased. This is more often the case and when chatting to photographers while guest are eating it usually transpires that they were usually booked a whole year or more before I was.

So let’s get to it, Why a wedding video? The easiest way to answer this would be for me to direct any readers to the Films page of my website where a few examples of weddings I have captured and edited in my style can be found. If a picture says a thousand words, then the videos that can be found there are speaking volumes.  

Another easy way would be to bring up the many 5 star reviews I have across the online platforms. Every single couple I have worked with has said how delighted they are with their wedding videos and how they are so pleased they had made that decision to book a wedding videographer.

I’ve even had a few say their absolute favourite aspect of the day over all was the wedding films they now have forever. I’ll be honest, my eyes begin fill up when I read those messages on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.  

For some having a camera infront of them is a daunting thought and can almost fill one with dread. I’ve witnessed a few grooms and occasional brides who at first struggled to relax while the photographer and myself are around. But because of the nature of videography I am able to capture a whole scene in motion so I don’t ask couples to pose or stay still for prolonged periods. This in itself allows them to relax and just go about the things they would normally be doing if I weren’t there. The result being a very natural wedding film that dosen’t look staged or forced. Some of the most beautiful shots I have ever achieved while shooting a wedding were during the times a couple had absolutely no idea I was filming. Tender moments between father and daughter across a packed dance floor, a groom helping his new wife make her way across a cattle grid in her beautiful but not exactly practical pristine white wedding dress. These are the kind of moments couples can watch in a wedding film and see the day they really enjoyed. The moments that actually happened but there is no way they will remember in years to come because they aren’t the big shouty ‘wedding’ moments that everyone was cheering them along for such as first dance, cutting the cake and walking down the aisle.

As recently as this week, I sent a bride a one minute reel for her to share on Instagram. The aim was to announce to all her friends and family her and her now husband had eloped. So many of their friends and family commented on the wonderful look of awe their eight year old daughter gave when she saw her mum appear at the back of the ceremony room. The bride explained to me how pleased she was they had booked me because without my presents she and possibly no one else would have ever seen that beautiful little girls look of pure joy. Comments like this are absolutely why I do this. The knowledge I am bringing something special is what drives me. 

Some families are very close and often gather together for no particularly good reason, but some are spread far and wide often going years without seeing one an other. If your wedding is an opportunity for those friends and family who you have drifted apart from because of life circumstances such as work or family commitments to come together, then is it not the perfect chance to capture you all in one place living, loving and laughing?

Another good reason is your wedding day is a day when not only you are polished to within an inch of your life and looking possibly the best you have ever have, but also your guests are. Every one at your wedding should be looking fantastic and that in its self is a great reason to capture all those important people together enjoying themselves. 

So on to one of the most common reasons I am told I am present at a wedding, and it can be wrongly seen as a solemn reason. And that is that some of your guests might not be around for much longer. I personally don’t think this is sad because I’m someone who prefers to enjoy and celebrate the day and the life we are living this very moment. If the opportunity is there to have your older loved ones at your wedding and capture that for prosperity then grab that with both hands and don’t let go. These moments don’t come around often.

I could probably go on for quite some time about how important it is in this modern world where we all walk around with a computer in out pockets to have a wedding captured in the very best way possible, but I think the reasons listed above should be enough to convince anyone of its importance. 

A video isn’t just an extra expense, it could be the chance to never forget something that is without a doubt one of the most important moments of your entire life. 

If you are planning a wedding, first things first, get to the contact page and fill in the simple form. This way I can let you know if I am available to film your wedding day and we can take things from there. 

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